Probably the best shrimps this side of the Pacific Ocean!

About us

Local Ocean is a 100% European Aquaculture Technology company based in Lithuania dedicated to developing the most sustainable and eco-friendly farming method/technology to grow high quality shrimps for the European local market.

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What makes Local Oceans
so different

Our production method is developed towards minimum ecological impact

  • No bio risks
  • Zero waste, zero exchange
  • Green energy
  • Full recycling

Our shrimps are 100% natural

  • Grown in recreated seawater conditions
  • Natural feed
  • No Antibiotics, no Chemicals, no Growth hormones
  • No treatment for packaging

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We are R&D
and Digital Farmers

3D farm modeling

Equipment manometers

Pathogene control

Lab team water measurement

Software backend database

Local Ocean at work

PVC water pipes welding

Water filtration equipment

Water sample pathogene culture


Local Ocean is already producing high quality shrimps without chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones from its inland indoor farm in Lithuania. This farm designed and built in 2017 has been our testing ground to develop a ground breaking method of shrimp farming.

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