About us

Local Ocean is a pioneer in the shrimp aquaculture business in Europe.

Our motivation is to bring the same quality shrimps as caught in the wild from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean seas to European consumers.

The Story

We started building Local Ocean shrimp farm in 2017 for the love of shrimps!

We are all well-travelled and LOVE eating shrimps in the seaside restaurants bordering the Pacific Ocean. The sweet and nutty taste of the shrimp and the hint of iodine from the head makes of fresh shrimps one of the best seafood there is!

We are however very disappointed from the taste of most of shrimps we can buy in Europe: they mostly have a bland taste and when we started to investigate the opportunity of growing our own, we discovered the very dark side of the shrimp business. The decision of farming our own shrimps became self-evident and we have not looked back since!

The Team

Inga Grajauskiene


Indre Jeselskyte


Christophe Legrand


Algirdas Krupskis


Jurgita Mockeviciene


Laura Stankevičiūtė

Marketing Manager

Eimantas Sipas


Lolita Salteniene


Mantas Brazauskas

Farm Manager

Juozas Malinauskas

Farm Technician

Ahmed Horsey


Asta Bingelyte


The Farm