Our method

Methods used in developing countries cannot be replicated in Europe for obvious reasons like Europe’s lack of tropical climate, cheap labour and close to free seaside lands to name but a few. To produce our shrimps we had to develop a new shrimp farming method that guarantees high quality shrimps and ecological efficiency.

We have been at it since 2017 and we are still learning and improving!


All our equipment is brand new and we are constantly optimising our set up to guarantee the shrimps health and optimal growth conditions. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the European Union for their continuous support in helping us finance the necessary investments we have to make.

The farm set up and technologies we use have environment biosecurity in mind. We are not just focused of shrimp production but also on recycling our waste and by-products to the maximum to ensure that our model is sustainable.

At the farm we use a mix of existing low and high tech solution to grow our shrimps that goes from a wood pellets heating system to multi sensors water probes to constantly measures water parameters. And since there are no software systems on the market to monitor shrimp growth we have to develop our own.

The science

We have an inhouse science team constantly monitoring all parameters of our indoor environments. Everything is important as we are working with a live environment. We need to master the balance of salt and minerals in the water, temperature, light, feed, shrimp stress level. For that we have a science team that continuously sample, test, record and adjust to maintain our eco system in good working order.


The biofloc is the type of water we use. The large majority of indoor farming uses clear water: a water that is filtered and cleaned constantly to be close to sterile…Since we wanted to have conditions as close as possible from nature, the type of water we use is called biofloc. Our water is alive!

We cultivate our water so zooplanctons, phytoplanctons, algae and bacteria are living in our water…just like in the wild.
All these microorganisms interact with each other to create an ecosystem, naturally reinforcing the immune system of shrimps because the shrimp feed on these, but also to give a more natural taste to our shrimps.

This is also part of our pledge to be environmentally friendly.

Eco farm

We want to push the envelope at Local Ocean and set new standards for eco farming.

Our farming methods involves the use of renewable energies, zero exchange water, the recycling and reusing our waste. We also banned the use of chemicals, antibiotics or synthetic products in our shrimp production.

Our aim is to be as sustainable and autonomous as possible. This is what consumers want and this is what the planet needs.